Flying to Mexico City

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After a long day of rafting and a very loud night (because of the cars in front of the hotel AND Chris snoring), it was time to jump on a plane. We arrived at the airport early and had some time to kill, so we did what we usually do when we don’t have any Wi-Fi: we played card games! (I have a deck in my backpack for when we’re bored…) But that’s not my point.

We were flying from SJO (San Juan International Airport) to MEX (Mexico City International Airport) with Interjet. It was my first time flying with them (because really, when would I take a plane from San José to Mexico when I live in Canada?) and I was very impressed. For example, with Interjet, you can check bags that are up to 110 lbs in total. Air Canada and the other airlines that I know usually give you only 50 lbs (and that’s when they don’t charge you for the first bag). Second, there’s so much space for you legs! It’s like first class for everybody. And they don’t charge you extra for alcohol. You want orange juice? Free. You want a rum and coke? Free too! So cool.


Aaaaand we finally took off in the afternoon, leaving Costa Rica and its jungle behind. I love taking planes, since they always mean you’re going on an adventure. I’m so glad they exist; otherwise the world would be so small. And who doesn’t like to get lost in the clouds?

flight03 flight05 flight08

The three hours flight to Mexico seemed longer than that, since we were both exhausted from the previous nights. We didn’t get that much sleep and you could easily see it on our faces.


Poor baby Chris was very tired. He managed to sleep a bit when I didn’t. Instead, I started writing posts on my phone or playing the Minion Rush game. That thing is just so addicting! I played until my phone was almost dead, which wasn’t a great idea.

flight09 flight10 flight11 - Copy flight13

Around 6:00 pm, we finally arrived in Mexico City. Big city, eh? Well, we’re going back, but not now. Once we landed, we had to catch a bus to Puebla. We first stopped to eat in the airport and bought some Subway ― which game me the worse food poisoning I had experience in a long time. But that wasn’t our biggest problem yet, since it took some time to develop in my stomach. Our real problem was that we completely forgot to tell our credit cards company that we were going to Mexico and ended up with no money to buy the bus tickets. We tried all our credit cards, even logging in our accounts online and adding a travel alert. Didn’t work. While we were supposed to easily catch the 8:00 pm bus, we ended up on the 9:30 pm one. I was a bit freaked out, since we didn’t even have money for a SIM card to call our banks. How did we still end up in Puebla? We went to the ATM. Apparently, even if your credit card doesn’t work, you can still get some cash. Lesson learned! But next time, we’ll start by going online and notifying our banks… Easier!


Two hours later, we were finally in Puebla, ready to get a good night of sleep. (Actually, Chris was, I wasn’t since I spent most of the night over the toilet, but I’ll spare you the details!)

What are the lessons that you’ve learned at the airport? How do you feel about being in a totally new environment where you don’t know anything?