When in Athens, Don’t Forget the Beaches!

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Wherever we are, Chris and I have to spend a lot of time indoors, working on our computers. That’s one of the downsides of being digital nomads. We’ve been doing it a lot more lately, as we are in a city without a walking distance beach. Which is sad.

But while exploring the city, a lot of people recommended that we just jump on the tram and let it take us to awesome beaches that reminded them of the Greek Island. So one day, we decided to ditch work and take that tram. (Actually, we’d done it once already, but we got off the tram WAY too soon, and the beach sucked. So let’s not talk about it. Let’s just talk about the really awesome time we went to the end of the tram line)

You can jump on the tram from a few places downtown. It’s relatively slow, so I’d suggest taking the Metro until you can’t anymore (which means get out at the Aghios Ioannis Station to get on the tram). You’ll skip a bunch of Tram stops by going two Metro stations further.

Once you’re on the tram, make sure you’re on the one going south (Route 2). Then just find a spot to sit and relax. Getting to the end of the tram takes a good hour. But don’t worry, once you get there, it’ll be worth it 🙂

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Once we got there, we found some lounge chairs and ordered two sangria to celebrate our day outside our apartment! It was already getting crazy hot, and we couldn’t wait to jump in the crystal clear water! But before that, we had to wait for our skin to absorb the sunscreen… Sunscreen’s important!

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Okay, so the beach isn’t entirely deserted. There were a few people, but it was a very enjoyable day! Have you seen this water? I think it was the clearest water I’ve ever swum in! I was absolutely refreshing, and I missed my snorkeling goggles the whole time. It would have been a perfect opportunity to use them, but unfortunately, they are at home in Canada!

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Still, to anybody traveling to Athens and wanting a day off, I definitely recommend going to the beach. It won’t cost you too much (the Tram is 1.40€ one way), and you’ll get an experience similar to what you could get in the island! Plus, you get someone to bring you a beer or a sangria whenever you want! Isn’t’ that awesome?

If you’ve heard that Athens is boring, the person that said that is wrong! The beach is definitely worth it! Chris approves! 😉

Athens Beach (15 of 15)

What do you think of that water? Would you go to the beach while visiting Athens?

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