Top 10 things to do in Sayulita, Mexico

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1.  Relax on the beach

The main attraction of Sayulita isn’t hard to find: it’s its beach. Calm in the morning while the fishermen are out and more crowded in the afternoon when the sun warms it up, it’s the perfect place to relax. Whether you want to swim or tan, don’t forget your suntan lotion or you’ll probably end up looking like a lobster.

In the winter, the waves are usually fine to swim in. If you think the beach in town is too crowded, head north! There’s a beach there where you’ll find a lot fewer people. That’s where we always went since it also happened to be closer to our house, but we were a lot happier over there.

Sayulita Beach

2. Explore the Playa de Los Muertos

If you well like going to an almost deserted beach, you can head down south to the Playa de Los Muertos, which literally means Beach of the Dead. The reason for the name? The beach happens to be right next to a cemetery. Just follow the instructions down the road and you’ll quickly find it. If you don’t find any graveyards, turn around! The beach is in between two rocky walls. If you feel like climbing, you can also see lots of crabs and other marine creatures that hang out on the rocks around the beach.


3. Learn how to surf/SUP

Depending on if you’re there during calm days or wavy days, you might want to try either surfing or paddleboarding. I fell in love with paddleboarding, so I definitely suggest you try it out too! There’s plenty of people on the beach that are there to rent boards. You can check out places like WildMex and Lunazul. Once you find a good board for you, it’s time to hit the water and have fun!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

4. Snorkel around the bay

Sayulita doesn’t have the crystal clear blue water of Cancun, but you can always snorkel on the calm days and enjoy the company of fish. You probably won’t see any amazing creature, but you can have a fun time swimming around and looking at the puffer fish that try to hide in the sand!


5. Go Fishing

Whether it’s to catch your dinner or just enjoy some time on the Pacific Ocean, you can go fishing with locals. There’s definitely plenty of fish in the Sayulita bay; you shouldn’t have any problems catching some. Just walk south on the beach and you’ll find where the fishermen leave their boats. You might also want to check out Captain Pablo’s Adventures, which offers fishing tours.


6. Horseback ride on the beach

Isn’t there anything more romantic than a horseback ride on the beach? If you’re lucky enough to not be allergic to them (like Chris is), you can take a walk with them on the sandy beach and into the jungle. Go see the people are Rancho Mi Chaparrita, who can take you. There’s also people close to the river that can take you too.

Sayulita Beach

7. Hike in the jungle

If you want to hike in the jungle around Sayulita, you have two choices. You can either go by yourself and discover the surroundings (which are beautiful), or you can get someone to take you. If you’d rather do it with someone, MexiTrecks can get you to the top of the Monkey Mountain. You’ll get a gorgeous view of the Sayulita bay from there.


8. Visit the Mercado Del Pueblo

From November through May, you’ll find the Farmers’ Market on the main street, north on the bridge, on Fridays. It’s open from 10am to 2pm. There’s plenty of vendors to buy souvenirs from, but also some fruits and veggies, as well as organics products. You’ll usually find a band playing and people to buy lunch from if you’re craving some local food. It’s definitely a must-see in Sayulita! Or even if you don’t really care about the market, there’s also an awesome mango tree in the middle of the market that is worth the stop!


9. Party at Camaron

Sayulita is known for its family-friendly vibe, not for its nightlife. If you do want to go out one night, you might have a hard time finding a good party in town. After asking around a bit, we discovered that the best party is that Camaron on Friday nights. Right on the beach, it has exactly the summer party vibe we were looking for! You’ll find Camaron on the north beach, right next to La Terrazola.


10. Visit Las Marietas Island

The last one, but also the most important one is Las Marietas Island! Our trip there with Ally Cat was so awesome that it even deserved its own post. It’s a day trip on the ocean that is well worth it. You’ll get to see the popular cave, as well as the islands around. If there were only one thing you had the time to do, I would definitely recommend the cruise. It was our favorite activity out of all the things we did in town.


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Top 10 things to do in Sayulita, Mexico | Farmboy & CityGirl Top 10 things to do in Sayulita, Mexico | Farmboy & CityGirl