Chris is a man of few words. He travels the world as much as Virginie (because they are always together), but you won't see him much on the blog. He takes a few pictures and only write posts that are very important to him. Otherwise, you'll find him behind his computer, working on his business. He loves the freedom of being location independent, especially because that means he doesn't have to go through a Canadian winter ever again if he doesn't want to. During the summer, you'll find him on his farm close to Regina, Saskatchewan. Otherwise, he'll be somewhere hot!
Chance of getting sick on the road
Appreciation of Air Conditioning
Resistance to Hotness
Ability to Find his way without a map
Love of beaches
Love of cities


Virginie is the mind behind the blog. She's the one who makes the decisions and posts every week. If you have a question, she's the one likely to answer. She loves traveling and discovering new culture. She has a thing for cats and it might be hard to get her anywhere if she sees one. When she's not working on the blog, she's building websites for female entrepreneurs like her.
Chance of getting sick on the road
apprecitation of air conditionning
resistance to hotness
ability to find her way without a map
love of beaches
Love of Cities

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