Successful Nomad: Kayla Kurin

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Have you even wondered how people can travel and support themselves at the same time? It’s not as difficult as it seems! To show you that there are already plenty of people doing it, and that you can do it too, we’ve interviewed different kinds of nomads. They were all given 30 questions, with a minimum of 10 to answer.

Kayla Kurin is the one answering them for us today! You can find her at


1) Where are you from?

I’m from Toronto, Canada. I also lived in Halifax, Canada for 6 years before starting life as a digital Nomad.

2) What is your job?

I’ve got two! I run online yoga and meditation courses for people with chronic illness, and I also train yoga teachers and other healthcare providers on how they can incorporate this work into their practice to better help the chronic illness community.

I also work as a freelance social media manager and writer for businesses and non-profits making the world a better place.

3) When did you start your online career?

I started almost 3 years ago. I had saved up enough money to go traveling and volunteering (with and quickly realised I didn’t want to give up this lifestyle anytime soon. As I was getting down to the last few dollars in my bank account I knew I needed to do something if I didn’t want to end up in my parents basement for the next 6 months. I had worked in communications previously, so started picking up work as a freelancer doing social media management and blogging. After a few months, business really took off! I was able to save enough money to do my yoga teacher training and start my second business. I wouldn’t give up either of them now!

4) How often are you on the road?

I am a big fan of slow travel. When I started I would move to a new location every few weeks. When I started working more hours I decided to have a home base in London and travel around Europe on various ‘workactions’ from there. My plan is to move to a new home base every year or two!

5) Are you a carry-on person or a checked luggage person?

Tough question! When I started I had a checked bag, but the more I travel the more I lean to carry-on bags. If I’m going on a longer trip and will be filming a yoga course or teaching a workshop I generally have to bring a checked back to bring my yoga and filming equipment. But when I am just traveling with a laptop, I am a carry-on girl.

6) What is a lesson you’ve learned from being on the road?

I am always learning new lessons. A big lesson is kindness. I’m always amazing by how kind local people are to me, and how giving they are with their hospitality when I travel. It challenges and inspires me to be a kinder traveller and host when I am in my home country. It’s part of the reason both of my jobs have a huge focus on helping people.

7) How much time do you spend on your business versus how much time you spend exploring the place where you are?

I tend to take it all in stride. If things are slow with business, instead of stressing out over that I will take the time to do more exploring and adventure. When things are busier with my business, I’ll work more hours and do less exploring! If I’m in a new or interesting place I always make sure I have the time to do some exploring.

8) What kind of lifestyle are you living with the money you make?

I generally stay in Airbnb’s but for shorter stays use hostels, couch surfing, or budget hotels. When I am staying for a few weeks to a few months I will always rent my own apartment so I have the freedom to make my own schedule. I live a similar lifestyle that I did in my home country.

9) Money isn’t always consistent. What is the best way to deal with that?

I always make sure I have a small amount of savings. It’s hard not to get stressed out about money when you don’t have a steady paycheque, so having some set aside for a rainy day gives me a lot of peace of mind. Knowing that things will ebb and flow, and sometimes will be slow and sometimes will be busy is also helpful. When things are slow I enjoy the free time to travel, or to focus on strategic things in my business which will help me grow.

10) What do you have to say to people too scared to leave their day job?

If this is the life you want to live (and it’s not for everyone!) then just go for it! It’s not as scary as it seems and you’ll meet amazing people along the way! If finances are in issue, it can be good to start your business or freelancing career as a side-gig until you feel you have enough work to quit your day job and hit the road! Good luck!