Travel in Love

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You meet someone special, that your brain can’t stop thinking about. You slowly fall in love, without you even noticing. Then one day it hits you. You can’t see your life without that person anymore. You need him by your side, every day. But you can’t, because you’re 2 000 km away. So you wait, until you can buy that plane ticket that’s going to magically allow you one special week with him. And then you cry, because you have to leave and you don’t want to. You want it to last forever, but you’ve got another life to go back too.


One day, you start seeing the end of the long-distance. You’re going to get your degree soon, so you’ll be free to go wherever you want. Which means living with him if you both want to. And you want to, with all your heart, because that’s what you’ve been waiting for for a whole year.


That day comes and you’re sad because you have to leave your family and all your friends behind, but you know it’s absolutely worth it and that it’s going to be the best adventure of all time.


Then you leave. And it’s the best thing ever. You decide to go on a road trip and spend a week living in a tent, not being able to take your hands off of him. You just want to love him as much as you can, because you’ve been missing him for so long.


You get home and get settled in, in your new nest of love. The routine starts and you love it, because this time, he wakes up by your side every morning and you don’t have to say goodbye. You don’t have to say goodbye ever again. Only hello. You start being used to each other and get weirder everyday. But that’s how you love it, because love is weird.


You want to travel. You know it and you start talking about it. What if? What if we left everything we know behind and go exploring? It sounds like the best idea. Because we were used to buying plane tickets across Canada, it’s not even hard to book one to Costa Rica. Now you’re leaving. For real. It’s happening. And you hope your couple will be able to survive that. You’re pretty sure it will, but you know it won’t always be easy.


You get to Costa Rica and it’s like you’re living in a dream. Everything is perfect. The beach is perfect, the cabina is perfect and the town is perfect. You can’t see the bad side yet, it’s like you’re falling in love all over again. But slowly, you wake up. The waves are crashing hard, there are tons of problems with the cabina and the town lacks lots of services. But you’re still just as much in love with him as you were before. Actually, you’re more in love, because everything you do, you do it with him. You kill bugs with him, you die in the afternoon heat with him, you swim in the shallow water with him, and you take the garbage out at night with him. Everything you do involves him and even if you could do it by yourself, being two is so much better.


Three months have passed and it’s time for a new adventure. Your couple is stronger than ever and you know it’s not the last time that you’ll see a new country together, because you are meant to be together. You are meant to travel in love.

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 Happy Valentine’s Day! Keep traveling and stay madly in love, my friends!