Stay Fit on the Road: Biking in the City

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This post is part of the Stay Fit on the Road series.

As digital nomads, it’s never easy to stay in shape while traveling. Who wants to do it, really? There’s so much good food to try and so little time to spend working out. That’s why every minute of exercise counts! And it starts by walking and biking instead of taking a car or the bus. Do you have to go to the grocery store? I bet you can bike there instead of taking a taxi! It’ll probably be a lot cheaper too, even if it’s going to take you a bit longer.

Don’t have a bike? Depending on where you are, it might not be a problem! In Europe and North America, most cities have bikes that you can use for a low cost. Here in Šibenik, we have NextBike that provides plenty of bicycle for 8 kunas ($1.20) an hour (and you have 30 minutes for free every day).


You can find the bikes in four location across the city, two of which are right downtown. It makes it very easy for us, whenever we need to go to the mall or just to explore the surrounding areas to grab one and go! The only thing is that it’s much easier to use with a cellphone, as you need a number and preferably the NextBike app too. That’s not a problem for us since we’re in Croatia for two months and we bought a SIM card, but it might be harder for tourists who will only spend a few days here.


Using the city bikes instead of taking the bus might not make your abs harder than ever, but at least you’ll keep spending the calories of that extra glass of wine you enjoyed by the water! And in a place like Šibenik where there’s almost no winter, it’s something that you can do all year-long! In Canada, it would definitely be harder, with the tons of snow we get for six months of the year. In Croatia though, it’s something that is much more interesting and doable!


So when are you renting your bike? We have a few things planned for them in the upcoming weeks… 🙂

Do you use/like city bikes? Is there some in your city?