A Visit to the Monastery Garden

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Chris and I have been in Šibenik for almost a month now, and we’re still amazed by how pretty it is. The sun is always shining and the flowers are blooming. After visiting the St. Michael’s Fortress last week, it was time to check out another jewel of Šibenik: the monastery garden. Hidden somewhere in the old town, we found it when we weren’t looking for it (and couldn’t find it when we were). It’s not as big as I expected, but it was a lot prettier. The first time we walked in it, it was the evening and we couldn’t see much. That’s why I wanted to go back during the day.


The garden was restored in 2007, after being forgotten for decades. It’s a medieval garden, full of medicinal plants and herbs as well as different kinds of roses. For a garden that small, it smelled incredibly good. I have to be honest too, I was more interested in the roses than in the other plants and herbs, but you can still get a look at them!

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It was such a pretty place that I wanted Chris to take some pictures of me. They turned out to be pretty good! We had fun doing a little photoshoot, Chris having fun with his new camera.

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The monastery gardens are definitely one of the prettiest places in the old center of Šibenik. It’s such a quiet and pretty place, hidden in a small corner of the city. There’s also a café right next to it, so you can enjoy your cup of cappuccino on a terrasse right next to the garden or try to escape the heat with a delicious gelato (like we would do!)

What do you think of the garden? Would you like to go there?