Best Cruise in San Juan Del Sur: An Afternoon of Fun in the Sun

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Since we arrived in San Juan Del Sur two months ago, Chris and I have been way too focused on work. It’s a good thing, because we do need the money, but we also felt like we weren’t really taking advantage of living in the awesome place that San Juan is.

But since the New Year, that changed a bit. We decided to spend more time exploring the surroundings, which included checking out Playa Blanca by boat. And not any boat: by catamaran.

After our incredible experience in Mexico going to Las Marietas Island, we were just so happy to learn that there was indeed a company that offered a sunset cruise with an open bar in San Juan! Nica Sail & Surf might be a bit more expensive than most other cruises that are offered in town, but that’s because they offer you a lot more. I don’t think I’d be able to relax the same way I did on small and crowded fishing boat, even though I might have saved $40. For $75, the tour Nica Sail & Surf offers is more than worth it!

San Juan Del Sur Bay Nica Sail N' Surf Catamaran Fisherman Boat in San Juan Del Sur Mai Tai in San Juan Del Sur Nica Sail N' Surf Catamaran

Our trip started at 1 PM, where we met one of the Nica Sail & Surf crew ladies. She took us to the port and onto a small boat that would take us to the catamaran. Once that part was done, it was time for the fun to start! Five minutes after setting foot on the boat, I had a drink in my hand! That’s a good way to start, isn’t it?

You have the choice between drinks with local rum or local beers, so there’s something for everyone 🙂

Virginie and Chris on the Catamaran Friends on the Catamaran Friends on the Catamaran

The boat headed out of the bay and into foreign territory (to us anyway!). We’d never been to any of the north beaches, so we were exciting to get to see them from the water!

That time to get to the beach was perfect to get some Mai Tais down, make some new friends and look for dolphins! We met some great people on that boat, which was much needed after spending the last two months pretty much secluded in our house.

Black Tuna Caught in San Juan Del Sur Buoy in San Juan Del Sur

For the first hour, there isn’t much to do other than soaking up the sun (and dreaming of jumping in the water), BUT we did catch a fish, which was pretty exciting! It was a blackfin tuna, which is quite rare in that region (as it hangs out mostly on in the Atlantic Ocean). It did get chopped into pieces, though, and served for everybody to enjoy! And trust me, they enjoyed it.

Playa Blanca Bay, Nicaragua Nica Sail N' Surf Catamaran Playa Blanca Bay, Nicaragua

Finally, we arrived at Playas Blanca, a deserted beach with crystal clear water. Once the boat was anchored, it took Chris and me exactly three seconds to jump in the water, as we were so hot already! We swam to the shore where some beers were waiting for us, and headed straight back into the water. There are plenty of things to do at this point, from throwing a football or a frisbee, to snorkeling around the bay. We did all of that and even took a little walk to explore the rocky parts.

Nica Sail N' Surf Catamaran Virginie on the Catamaran Chris Jumping From the Catamaran Chris in the Playa Blanca Bay Nica Sail N' Surf Catamaran

Eventually, we headed back to the boat, where we had fun jumping from! It’s not the highest catamaran, so it’s not like it’s scary or anything, but we did enjoy it! After all, who doesn’t like jumping off a boat? We also grabbed a couple more Mai Tais to sip in the meantime (and some water too, because it was getting hot and the Mai Tais started getting stronger).

Salsa, Vegetables and Ceviche Playa Blanca Bay, Nicaragua

When most people finally headed back to the boat, that’s when the food was served! And my friends, it was delicious. It might have only been a snack, but it was amazing. The salsa and the vegetable were great! I even tried a tiny tiny piece of the tuna, but because I’m not a fish/seafood fan, that’s as far as I went. Chris tried the ceviche and the tuna and loved both, especially the tuna. Everybody on board agreed that this was the best raw fish they had ever tasted. I guess I can agree, as the inch I had didn’t taste much like fish either!

Sunset in San Juan Del Sur Chris and Virginie on the Catamaran Sunset in San Juan Del Sur

And unfortunately, we had to head back home… We actually had quite some fun going against the wave, as the boat kept going up and down, flooding the net part. We played in the waves that way, until the wind died a bit and the waves weren’t as big.

We had the chance to witness an amazing sunset, which was very relaxing after a day spent over the water. Everybody was a lot more quiet on the way back, and we all took a second to appreciate the amazing experience we had just lived.

When we got back to San Juan, it was 6 PM and already dark outside!

If you’re like us and too tired to cook at that point, it’s time to head to Flores! They make the best jalapenos chicken in town!

Have you been on a catamaran cruise before? Would you give Nica Surf & Sail a try?

A big thanks to Nica Surf & Sail who offered us a complimentary cruise. Our opinions are our own.

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Best Cruise in San Juan Del Sur: An Afternoon of Fun in the Sun | FarmBoy & CityGirl Best Cruise in San Juan Del Sur: An Afternoon of Fun in the Sun | FarmBoy & CityGirl