San José, here we are

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The plane landed and all we could see was green. The grass was green, the trees were green, everything was green! A big change from Québec… After getting out of the plane, I thought it would be easy. Step 1, find a taxi. Step 2, get to the hotel. Well, I expected the taxis to be in a straight line and we’d get in the first one. WRONG ANSWER! We felt like George Clooney coming out of that airport, everybody wanting us to take THEIR taxi over everybody else. Kind of overwhelming as a first experience of Costa Rica.

Then everything was fine and we got to the hotel without a problem. (Great hotel, by the way!) We’re staying at the Cocoon Hotel. It’s really cute, cheap and close to the bus station where we have to go tomorrow.

For supper, we thought we could eat at the hotel, but I guess because we’re off season, they don’t have meals, just snacks. So we asked the front desk lady for some suggestions and after looking at some names on a map that didn’t mean anything to us, we decided that Subway, for tonight, was probably the best. On the way, though, we say a place that was on the lady’s map and that seemed nice, so being really adventurous, we decided to go in! (Place is called Spoon) Nobody spoke a word of english, but we ended up being able to order something pretty nice!

Now that our belly is full, it’s time to relax and get ready for tomorrow!

Pura Vida, here we come 🙂



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