The Animals of Costa Rica

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There’s a few animals here, since we live in the jungle. Some are scary, some are friendly and some are just… really weird. Let’s take a look at them! (Okay, not ALL of them are going to be animals, some are insects…)

THE GIANT MOTH (Really Scary)

a01 We were just outside in the kitchen (because yes, the kitchen IS outside) when I saw something that looked like a flying around the lamp. I may have scream a little bit and thought the bat would leave, because they usually don’t like light. Well, this thing stayed! So while I went hiding inside, where it couldn’t get to me, Chris went out and took a picture. BIGGEST MOTH EVER!

THE BIRDS (Not Scary)

a02 Except flying very close to our heads sometimes, the birds aren’t a problem. They are actually pretty cute. Some are very colorful and others are well… brown. (Like the guy in the picture!) My favorite are the hummingbirds (especially the one that takes the palm leaves for hisbiscus, he looks lost, which makes him funny.) But because they fly very fast and I’m not as fast as them, I couldn’t get a picture!

 THE GECKOS (Not Scary)

a03 The geckos are actually pretty cool. I like them, except for the fact that they poop everywhere. And very often, you walk right in, because it’s so small you don’t notice it. This guy in the picture, I’m not even sure he’s a gecko. He’s a pretty big one! (Missed his tail too) Usually, the ones we see are half his size, even less. There’s one hiding close to our sink that’s tiny tiny tiny! Chris even took him in his hand one day 🙂

THE MONKEYS (Scary when you don’t know what they are)

This time, I’ve got a video! Actually, Chris is the one who was able to shoot the video. I was shaking too much! (From running to get the camera, you know…) So our experience with the monkeys. First night we woke up because of them: TERRIFIED! (Well, I was.) I had absolutely no idea what was making that much noise and it sounded so CLOSE! But, then we went to the Jaguar Rescue Center and that’s were we learned that those sounds were actually coming from monkeys. Since then, it’s much better. You can’t hear them in Chris’ video, but if you want to learn more about those guys, the National Geographic has a great video too!

THE CATPIG (Not Scary)

Okay, it’s definitely not the real animal’s name. I’ve just researched it and it’s actually called an agouti. We like to call them catpigs. They show up whenever they want and when they see us, they go back hiding. They’re pretty shy and kinda quick, which also makes it hard to get a good picture.  Google as plenty thought 🙂 Click HERE to see what they look like!


And that’s all for today! Anything you want to know about Costa Rica for my next post?