Smoothie 2.0

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After being here for a bit longer, our smoothie recipe changed a bit.  While our first one was a bit “Canadian” still, this version is much more Costa Rican! Fruits are way more exotic and it changes depending on what is ripe and available at the moment. Here’s one of our favorite!


So here are our main ingredients!

  • 1 coconut (we keep that, it’s a must. The water is just delicious is a smoothie!)
  • 1 box of strawberries (we do love our strawberries. They stayed from the first recipe.)
  • 1 fresh mango (no way we can forget our mango!!! It’s just too sweet and delicious!)
  • A few inches slice of papaya (I’m not a big fan of the fruit just like that, but it’s a smoothie it’s a nice addition.)
  • A few inches slice of water melon (It add the perfect amount of water in the smoothie! One thing though, is that our water melon still have those black seeds in them. If you do too, we recommend removing them. It’s boring when you get a crunched seed in your smoothie!)
  • A 1/4 of a pineapple (again, I don’t like pineapples by themselves, but in a smothie: MMMHMMM!)

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When everything is cut up, you put it in the blender and your job is done. Now you let the machine transform it into the most divine juice you can get (and the freshest too!)

s02 s01

And in the meantime, you try to take a picture without Chris getting in the way all the time!

s04 s03

There’s also other fruits that we use occasionally, like passion fruit and bananas! (By the way, bananas are exquisite!)

Hope you enjoy! It might not be as good in another country, but it really can’t suck either! 🙂