Pura Vida!

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We’re finally in Puerto Viejo!

We took the bus this morning (a 4 hour drive) to Puerto Viejo. I was a bit relieved to leave San José… I have to say, the city wasn’t my favorite part of Costa Rica! Too loud, with lots of people and it stunk. (The part we were in wasn’t the greatest… Maybe somewhere else is way better! “I also have a very strong sense of smell and it’s a miracle my own farts don’t kill me.” -Chris)

On the bus, we saw a loooooot of green. There were also some cows on the way, very different from the ones we’re used to in Regina. (Or just in Canada in general.) No pictures though… The windows of the bus were full of rain.

Chris and I were a bit worried before getting to Puerto Viejo, since most of what we saw wasn’t really what we expected. It was poorer than we thought it would be. But when we got off the bus, we realised that Puerto Viejo was very different! Full of international people, a lot more colourful than San José and warmer too. The beach is great, the waves are strong and the food is awesome!

We went for supper at El Ché, a little restaurant on the main street and ordered some tortillas with guacamole (BEST GUACAMOLE EVER!), some fries and we both had the same meal: a casado. We both had no clue what that was, but it seemed to be something popular, so we went for that. Again, the waitress didn’t talk any English, so we had fun pointing at everything on the menu. One day we’ll learn it and we will be able to order something!

Until then, we really love the place and our cabina is great. It’s in the jungle, outside the city, and it’s very quiet. Except for the rooster. Because yes, the neighbor just got chickens like two weeks ago. We even had one in MY CHAIR outside the house, when we got there. The only reason it was there, I realised after, is because it was laying an EGG! So we got a free egg, fresh, and the best you can find here 🙂

Also, we got to drink some coconut water out of a coconut in our back yard. 🙂 We couldn’t do that every day, because 1) we don’t have a machete, only the guy that takes care of us/the cabina does and you need one to get through the tough skin, and 2) because squirrels eat it before we can even get to it. Mean squirrels… Apparently, coconut water is the BEST thing you can get here. It’s great for so many things! The fountain of youth of Central America!

Aaaaand that’s it for today! 🙂 It’s enough, we need to relax and get some sleep now.

One last thing: there’s a reason they call this place the RAINforest. It was raining most of the time today, but hey, at least it’s warm rain!

Here’s some pictures 🙂