Plants of Puerto Viejo

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Living in the jungle has good and bad sides. One of the good one is that you get to see so much pretty things. In Puerto Viejo, especially around our cabina, everything is green, lush and wild. Every once in a while, you’re going to be lucky enough to see a splash of color. After visiting the cloud forest, I now know why flowers aren’t green! Because if they were, birds, bees and other pollinator would never see them. If flowers are pink, red, orange, purple or yellow, it’s because they catch the animals’ eyes. It makes sense, really. When you’re flying as fast as a bee, you don’t have time to analyze all your surroundings. You have to get to the prettiest and brightest flower as soon as possible!

Here’s some of those flowers that we have around us. I don’t know any of their names (except for the hibiscus – and there’s a lot of those!), but they are all very pretty!

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