Jaguar Rescue Center

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We visited the Jaguar Rescue Center last week and had a lot of fun there!

All the animals that are there are supposed to go back to nature, if they can. Some can’t, because they’ve been too injured or had too many contacts with humans, but most of them are going to go back. During our visit, we saw a little bit of everything: birds that had been shot in the wings or that lost an eye, an endangered white tail deer, an anteater that had grown up as someone’s pet, an ocelot that someone tried to take to Panama, a sloth and lots of monkeys that had been abandoned by their mothers.

The really cool thing there is the monkey cage. They have a cage with the youngest baby monkeys and you can go in and let them play with you. (You can’t force them you play with you, they have to decide if they want to pull your hair or not. Not your choice!) It was a great experience! No pictures of us in it, though, as we couldn’t take our camera in the big cage, but we got to pet a cute capuchin monkey 🙂

The work they do there is amazing, I highly recommend a visit! All the money they make goes straight to the animals, as they are not subsidized by the government.