A Day in Arenal (Zip-lining and tube river rafting)

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Because it was on our list to go see a volcano and do some zip-lining, we decided to combine all of that! On our second day in Arenal, we got picked up at our hotel in the morning to drive close to the volcano, where the zip-line was. We did the Sky Tram/Treck tour and had tooooons of fun! The first zip-line was the highest one and it was CRAZY to fly like that, on top of the rainforest. It was a bit scary of course (Chris was more scared than I am, which is kind of impressive in itself!), but it was a lot of fun. I’m so glad we did that, it was our first experience zip-lining in general.

Here’s some pictures of our adventure! (Keep going down, there’s more after!)

Wanna see what the last line (and the longest one) looked like? I didn’t happen to have a GoPRO, but this guy did!

After we did the zip-lining, it was still pretty early, so we decided to do something else. TUBE RAFTING! Since we were only going for the zip-line, we didn’t have our swimsuit… But we went anyway! I don’t have any pictures of that because well… we were soaking wet at the end!

We started by doing a few zip-line to get us closer to the river. It was a different kind of wire and completely different harness. (I was more scared than Chris on that one!) After a while, we ended up on a big platform on a tree. The river was right under us and there was no zip-line anymore. The only way to get down there is by rappelling (without a wall). So basically, you have to step off the platform and hope your harness is tightly secured. Then you start going down (not too fast, hopefully!) and you’re kind of high at the beginning, so you go down for a while. Until you get IN the river and someone down there helps you get to shore. The fun part starts after! They give you a tube a you go down the rapids for half an hour, stopping at times to make sure everyone is there. It was the funniest thing ever! The rapids are really impressive and the nature around you is just gorgeous!

Here’s a good idea of what it looks like!

Since we were wet after and didn’t have any other clothes, the staff dried our clothes while we hid in the bathrooms…

But yeah, overall: IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY!