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After three months in Costa Rica and another three in Mexico, it was time to stop home and visit our families. Chris and I also had some things to catch up on after half a year of traveling. That’s why our first stop in Canada was Regina, Saskatchewan. Let me tell you something about Saskatchewan: nobody knows either how to spell it or where it is. When someone asks us where we’re from in Canada, this is usually how it goes:

Chris: I’m from Saskatchewan. Stranger: Cool. Virginie: And I’m from Québec. Stranger: OH! Québec, I love Québec, it’s such a beautiful place.

So yeah… Not many people react when they hear about Saskatchewan, but a lot of them do when they hear about Québec. So let me introduce you to Chris’ farm and how cool it can actually be. I love going back for one reason: the animals. There are so many cats to pet and dogs to play with that there’s always something for the city girl that I am to do. Since I don’t know how to drive a tractor, I’m not always very useful. But that’s okay because I keep the dogs out of everybody’s legs!
R01 R02 R03 R04R05 R06 R07 R08 R09

Chris is never too busy to pet his favorite dog!

Chris is never too busy to pet his favorite dog!

R12R13 R18 R17 R16 R15 R14 But life on a farm is far from playing with animals all day. There are things to be done, lots of them! That’s why Chris and I helped fix the fences. This is usually a three person job, but since I happened to be there, I got a job too. I was the staple holder. Not too bad for a City Girl!
R19 R20 R21 R26

Chris was the staple hammerer!

Chris was the staple hammerer!

Farm Boy and Farm Mom at work!R23 R24 R27 R28R29R30R31R32 There’s a reason they call Saskatchewan the Land of the Living Sky. If you don’t get it from the pictures, it’s time you book a ticket to the unknown province of Canada!

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  • Beautiful photos — and also cute ones, as I love the farm animals ones 🙂 I always end up taking pictures of my parents farm animals when I visit them too.

    It’s probably nice to be back home for a short bit before striking out next. Did I miss where you’re headed after this?

  • Thanks!
    We stopped in Quebec too and now we’re heading to Europe. Our first stop is Croatia 🙂

  • AH! Croatia is on my list; I’m half Croatian and haven’t been yet! — I can’t wait to see your photos and stories!!