7 Reasons You Should Go To Šibenik

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It didn’t take much for Chris and I to fall in love with Šibenik. It was such a great place to stay for two months and even though we knew nothing about it before going there, we made the best choice! Šibenik was the perfect balance of city and nature, being either overwhelmingly populate or deserted. There was just the right amount of people and a ten-minute bike ride would take you outside of the city, where you could reconnect with nature.

So if you don’t know if you want to try Šibenik or not, here are seven reasons why you should go there!

 1. Location

As I said already, Šibenik was the perfect city size for Chris and I. It wasn’t as big as Split or Zadar can be, but it wasn’t a remote village either. The fact that it’s on the coast between Split and Zadar makes it even more attractive. Really, it couldn’t be easier to stop there! If you’re already planning a trip in Croatia, you might as well plan another stop and visit the beautiful medieval city.

2. The View

Have you read a big about Šibenik? Have you checked out the pictures we took? They’re so amazing because the view there is just… I can’t even describe it! Wherever you go, there’s always a spot that’s going to take your breath away. Either from the fortress or on the biking trail or even just from the beach, you’ll get such a good look at Šibenik that’s going to make you want to stay forever.


3. The Weather

Do you love hot and sunny summer days? Yes, you do and we know it. Then, Šibenik is perfect for you! During the two months we were there, I think it rained… 3 times? I don’t even remember what a cloudy day looks like there, because it was so rare. If you want to make sure your vacation won’t be ruined by rain, then I’d give Šibenik a try.


4. The Farmers’ Market

The food in Šibenik is definitely amazing, but what I loved more than the pizza and the restaurants in general, was the Farmers’ Market. Every morning (except Sundays), people were gathered at the market, selling their best fruits and vegetables. We got so much good food from there and it’s certainly something I’m going to miss. Having fresh food right next door every day is a big luxury. We ate so much fresh bread, homemade sausages, picked-the-same-day beans and peaches and cherries. Nothing at the grocery store could compare with that.


5. If you stay long enough, people will start to recognize you

This was definitely another favorite of mine. There aren’t THAT many restaurants in Šibenik, so after a while, waiters started recognizing us, as well as people at the market (we were there every day, I would recognize us too!). They always seemed happy to see us, which made me like them even more!


6. The Countryside

Whether it’s the Krka National Park of the bike trail through the Channel, there are so many things to see outside of Šibenik. The cedar trees smell so good, it gets really quiet and you can easily reconnect with nature. It’s definitely not as green or lush as the jungle of Costa Rica, but with only a few days on rain in the summer, it has to be expected. Getting out of the city was definitely one of our favorite things to do, because it was just so beautiful and relaxing.


7. The Beach

If you haven’t been convinced you should give Šibenik a try, I’m hoping that the fact that it also has a beach will convince you! It’s not the biggest one, it does get a bit crowded around 4 PM, but it’s absolutely amazing to swim in the Mediterranean. And if you’re a bit of an adventurer and like hidden places, then I would recommend going on the path that goes through the Channel and stop at the beach there. It’s a bit hard to access since there are so many hills to climb first, but it’s a slice of paradise! I promise you won’t regret it!


So, did I convince you? Are you going to give Šibenik a try during your next trip to Croatia?

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7 Reasons to Go to Sibenik 7 Reasons to Go to Sibenik

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  • mihovil

    one correction: Šibenik is a lot bigger than Dubrovnik 😉 anyway, great article, i am glas you enyoj Šibenik! 😀 come again

  • My bad! We didn’t actually go to Dubrovnik, I guess I just assumed… But I changed it 🙂

  • Andrej Ivanovski

    Try to stay in Šibenik for two months during winter. Šibenik is one of the poorest towns in poor Croatia so once when all tourists are back home to their homes and jobs in prosperous west European or American countrys you will wish that they took you with them specialy if you are jobless ( thousands of people are jobless in Šibenik, specialy young people 🙁 )… Summer last only for two months and after that if you have to deal with existential uncertainty, lack of job and money and poverty, beaches. view , weather will mean nothing to you… More and more young and educated people from Šibenik are moving to Germany, Irleand, UK, Norway. Good wether and nice countryside are the last thing they are looking for.. And food you were buying at the market is usualy sold by resellers, rarely by farmers so you were probably paying more for the food already purchased by resellers in large shopping centers.. Yes if you stay long enough people will start to recognize you but trust me once you experience vast amount of bigotry , primitivism and nationalism around here you will be in first plane back to Canada.. Šibenik is nothing more than pretty scenery for not so pretty life… Unfortunately… Enjoy your Canada!

  • Actually, my post was more focus on tourists who would consider Split and Dubrovnik, but wouldn’t think to stay in Sibenik. They’re the ones who would appreciate the countryside and the weather. I get that it’s not a perfect country, like soooo many others, but it’s also very attractive to tourists!

  • sibenik

    Thousands people are jobless everywhere in world. Also, a lot of young and educated people move in sibenik. Compare to what is sibenik poor? London? Or some really poor region like Slavonija. I think that quality of life is more important, and that is something these two people realized :)) you’re welcome in the winter when city is a little bit slower, but farmmarket is still active :p

  • sibenik

    also, if i may add, sibenik is on the forbes list 2015. of top 20 cities in croatia rang 12. Google it 😉

  • Quality of life is actually really important! You have a good point there 🙂

  • Jon Dunn

    To Andrej Ivanovski , This blog was written (I assume) to sell the plus points of Šibenik to fellow travelers, who may be putting a Croatian itinerary together. It frequently gets bypassed by people rushing to Split or Zadar. As such, the piece was written from a tourist perspective, rather than a humanitarian stance. How many people would read travel blogs if all they ever did was bang on about poverty and deprivation?

    I agree with the writer, it’s a fascinating town, well positioned for Krka Park, Primošten and most of beautiful central Dalmatia. If, by writing about it, encouraging people to visit and spend their tourist dollar can be of benefit to the town / area, then I’d say don’t be too quick to knock it!

    I loved the ferry via Prvić and Zlarin to Vodice and had a really great day, too.

    I’d be grateful for what you’ve got. Sure, it could be better – it could for vast tracts of the world, but, all things considered, you haven’t got it too bad in Šibenik.