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Hockey Night!

Because this is Canada, we had to go to a hockey night. Because this is Quebec City, we had to go see the Remparts. It might not be the NHL, but it’s still pretty awesome. Tickets are usually only $15 each, so it’s a cheap night out :)


Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier

Fall is beautiful and we wanted to spend some time outside. I invited my family to go hiking in this gorgeous national park 45 minutes outsides of the city, the Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier. We went for a guided tour in “caves” which happened to be rocks fallen on top of each other instead of a hole in the mountain. WE HAD FUN! :D


Work hard, play hard

Long work weeks don’t exist for us anymore. We spend a few hours at the library, doing the little work that we have to do, then we usually go for a walk. Having fun is the best part of that walk!


Either lose or die trying

So we decided to play a card game… Loving the game speed, I explained it to Chris. Because you have to be really quick and agile, he got frustrated very fast, wich made the game SO AMUSING! Cards were flying everywhere people, they were flying EVERYWHERE!

A stop at the farmers’ market.

The farmers’ market is one of the first place we stopped, for some good and fresh vegetables. And some bread. And some pastry. We probably would have bought some jam too, but we didn’t have a big enough bag for everything.

All that shopping was done at the Marché du Vieux Port. This is a must when visiting Québec.


Welcome to Québec!

The cool thing about living downtown: this stuff is all 2 minutes away. So we went for a walk, on beautiful day and had tons of fun! We had an hour before catching the bus, it was definitly better spent outside!

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